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I swear I'll try to be more active on here! XD Halloween and school and life have really been occupying my time. Although I'm finding more and more that the time I spend out in the real world is making me a much better person all around. During the summer I hardly did anything outside of the internet and that's just silly. I'm young, queer, moderately attractive (for a girl trying to be a boy trying to be a girl) and I should be out enjoying myself. :P not that it's bad to do the internet thing. I'm just realizing that for me it's better to be proactive with my life and blah blah blah. 
Im sure yall didn't miss me that much cus my new stuff ain't very exciting. Unfortunately my computer is broken and possibly all the stuff I've worked on in paint is gone forever. ): the only stuff I'm super sad about is the gift I drew for Kaltes and this whole cool concept thingy I did for spidermans's Carnage. 

As as far as my personal life goes I really couldn't be better. Nothing's bad or wrong, so much so that I even avoid negative things now. I don't always intend to do it, since I love supporting my friends, but I don't seek out problems like I used to. I wish my own content ness was infectious to everyone else. Ah well. <:T Say, typing all this stuff down is making me feel even better. What do ya know. XD 

Anywho, ive got more sketchbook crap lined up. ;P enjoy! 


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Artist | Varied
United States
I'm Sabella/Sabel, and I've come here to share with you my pixilated horror fan art. :D
So please, enjoy my gallery.
Don't worry, I wont bite. I'm quite a friendly creature that's only here to share my artwork and make friends. :meow:

As you all can guess, I love older & classic horror/thriller films. So that's mainly what you'll find art of here. :)
I somtimes create original stuff, just not too often.

:iconphantomoftheoperaplz: , :iconfreddyplz: , :iconleatherfaceplz: , :iconmichaelmyersplz: , :iconhanniballecterplz: , :iconjamegumbplz: = :iconovariesplz:

Current Residence: I live in Freddy Krueger's boiler room most of the time. But I have a nice summer home in Texas with some cannibals.
Favourite genre of music: Metal/Hard rock/alternative/classical
Favourite style of art: Dark/surreal/comical
Skin of choice: The kind you rip off of someone and wear on your face :D
Personal quote: "If there's one thing I know like the back of my hand, It's Charles Dance's face."

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Thanks for adding the wolf to your favs! :)
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Oh no. You've gone and inspired a lot of work for me, dammit! Classic monster paper dolls, starting with Phantom of the Opera. Sigh. I'd better get on with it.
SweetDreamsFreddy Featured By Owner 18 hours ago   General Artist
really? :o I inspired you? :D Well in turn i should get on making more crafty things!
jvk Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Do it, Sabie Baby! (Ha! See what I did there?)
Why not make some dangly monsters and hang them on your Christmas tree?

Hey, now Here's a thought:
Now that the world is truly going all to shit in a handcart, let's start decorating our Christmas trees with horror stuff.
An "Armageddon tree"! And have an Armageddon Day as a new annual holiday! Wow. There's a whole new culture starting here and now! (Oh... isn't that how Charlie Manson started?) ._. 
If you ever want to try making something new, let me know. I'm a really "helpy" kind of a guy. (No pressure though, :squish:  just thinking out loud, 'zorl.)
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