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Stole this from the lovely:

I. Choose up to five (5) of your favorite original story characters that will embark in this role-play. If you don't have five (5)
 then leave them blank (or create a character on the spot!) Be sure to give a little description of them:

(Since i only have two OCs, ill just use extremely obscure movie characters that im familiar with.)

1. Sabel
2. Maggie
3. Hoax (976-Evil)

4. Paul (Cat People)

5. Irena (Cat People)

II. Asleep, Character Two  or Character Four  are dreaming of their most pleasant childhood memory. What is it about?

2. Maggie is dreaming about the day a rat sneaked in to the trailer and his mom didn't notice. He was able to hide the rat all day. Maggie cuddled with the rat, named it Tickles, and fell asleep with it. Maggie dosnt like to remember how the next morning he woke up to the sight of his mother crushing Tickles in front of him.

4. Paul remembers the time before he and his sister, Irena, were separated. They would roll around and play together like kittens, disturbing the other animals at the circus. Their was one time they chased around a rabbit together. Despite catching it, Irena made him let it go. She was still such a sweet thing back then. One of the cadged tigers was watching them and Paul could tell it was laughing.

III. However, Character Five continues to toss and turn, haunted by their childhood nightmare! What scared them as a child?

This was the first time Paul tried to approach Irena in a sexual way. Its a very repressed, subconscious memory for Irena. She was only four, but she remembers how he purred when he held her uncomfortably close.

IV. Character Two finds a diary with Character Four name on it. They eagerly read a random page to themselves. What does the entry say? 

*Maggie reads in utter confusion*
"Day 23 since Irena's arrival:
Still no luck convincing my sister to have sex with me. She refuses to realize that if she mates with anyone else she'll turn into a fucking panther."

V. Character Three is severely poisoned and is slowly dying. Explain how it happened and if they survive.

Hoax was tricked by a cunning priest into drinking holy water, but Hoax is given his power by the Devil so he's all good.

VI. A gang of bullies are picking on Character FourCharacter Two or Character Five come to their aid but they both get beat up. Why is that?

A bunch of doushie panther hunters are trying to shoot Paul. Paul happens to be a serial killer, but these hunters dont know that so they're just being dicks. I don't see how Maggie would be able to help; and Irena dose care about her rapist brother for some reason. So, Irena comes to the rescue but because she's also a panther she gets shot up too. D:

VII. A character of your choice is just learning how to control their powers/gifts

Hoax. I imagine if his cousin never killed him he'd have gotten even more demon-y looking and powerful. Since Hoax never really had to learn anything before, the Satan magic just kind of came to him, it'd be amusing to watch Hoax learn how to fly with wings for something.

VIII. In an alternate universe, there exists an opposite version of Character OneCharacter Three, and Character Five. Pick one and explain their looks and personality.

Character one - Sabel -> Lebas

So, a biological male, probably grey/brown colored, buff, hates everybody, is completely power-hungry, uses guns, is the alpha of a pack of some sort, and an all around aggressive douche.

IX. Character Three tries to make Character Four their apprentice. They soon discover that teaching them ends with failure. Why is that? 

Despite Hoax's effort to make Paul into a agent of Satan, Paul is waaaay too occupied with tying to get his sister in bed to care about world domination.

X. In a cave or woods, Character Two or Character Five are passing the time by training. Give detail on their skills.

Our in the woods, Maggie would probably be practicing with a bow and arrow, flaying skin, prepping skin hides, or working on his aim in knife throwing. He's swell at all these things except knife throwing, but he's determined to learn.

Irena would likely be in a cave gathering strength for her inevitable panther-fight with Paul.

XI. All of the Characters decide to either sit at the beach or take a long drive in a jeep. Does this little trip go smoothly? Give details.

Well, in either siduation Paul would be trying to rape Irena the whole time, Hoax would be trying to cause mischief and kill everybody, Sabel would be trying to save Irena from Paul cus' Irena is all sweet and Sabel totally has a crush on her. Maggie and Sabel would probably get along, though. Sabel would try to convince him to kill less people. :3

XII. Character Two is finally dead and is sent to either heaven or hell. Where do they end up? Why?

MAGGIE NO! D: Maggie would get to go to Heaven cus' it's his mom's fault he murders people. :c *sniff*

XIII. Character Five decides to make breakfast for Character One. What did they make? Is Character One satisfied?

Irena brought Sabel a dead rabbit and Sabel loved it and then they snuggled. :'3

XIV. Character Three and Character Four  decide to become bandits and rob people as they head into the forest. They happen to rob Character One. Do they succeed?

They probably do succeed since i cant fight Hoax's satanic power. DX If it was just Paul i think i could take the panther.

XV. All of the Characters have fallen into the past and are now children once again. They are playing hide-and-go-seek. What child is doing the seeking? Where are the children hiding? Why can't they find the last child?

At least now Paul is a tiny bit more innocent! :'D As a child, Hoax was an adorkable nerd so he's no longer a dickish demon. Irena I assume was always a sweety and  Sabel wasnt always a werewolf, so she's pretty chill too. Paul would probably chase everybody cus he's all panthery but no one can find Maggie because he's locked in a trailer being beaten by his mommy. :c

XVI. In an alternate universe, Character One happens to be the servant of  A character of your choice. What must they do?

Sabel aint nobody's bitch! I guess Hoax is the only one who'd want a werewolf minion. Then again Hoax is kinda cute~

XVII. Its almost valentines days, A random character gives a gift to A character of your choice. What did they give them? Are they grateful?

Paul gives Irena a hooker's heart in a box with a note saying "Can we please have sex now?"
Irena is not grateful. 

XVIII. Before we go, all of your characters want to take a moment to give you (their creator) some "light" criticism on the stories that feature them. 

1. I'm you, so ha ha!

2. Why'd you have to remind me of my painful childhood? :c Although, im glad you gave me some friends. :hug:

3. Hoax. You dont own me! >:T I'm the devil you bitch!

4. Thank you so much for including my sister in this. I got so close i could almost taste her trembling lips-



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My ID was a gift from the lovely DaemoniumNocturnal.:heart: See the original here: daemoniumnocturnal.deviantart.…

Hello! :'D I'm Sabel or Isabel, and I've come here to share with you my pixilated horror fan art.
So please, enjoy my gallery!
Don't worry, I wont bite. I'm quite a friendly creature that's only here to share my artwork and make friends. :meow:

I love older & classic horror/thriller films. So that's mainly what you'll find art of here. There's a bit of other fanarts of various fandom's mixed in there too. ;D
Somtimes I'll create original stuff, just not too often.


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Current Residence: I live in Freddy Krueger's boiler room whenever I'm in town, I have a nice summer home in Texas with some cannibals, but mostly i live in the north woods.
Favourite genre of music: Metal/Hard rock/alternative/classical
Favourite style of art: Dark/surreal/comical
Skin of choice: The kind you rip off of someone and wear on your face! :D
Personal quote: "If there's one thing I know like the back of my hand, It's Charles Dance's face."





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